Next port for Estelle: Kristiansand 9.-11. August


This is the program for Estelle's stay in Kristiansand, Norway, 9. - 11. August: Thursday 9. August 
1200 «Estelle» arrives in Kai 12 Gravane on the main land  (facing Kilden) 

1500 Guided tour on «Estelle»
1600 Films about the situation in Gaza are shown on board.
1900-2130 Meeting about Gaza and the work to end the siege.
(Place:  Arkivet, Vester vei 4. Map:
* Sports professor Gerd von der Lippe talks about her last two visits to Gaza: «Soccer in Gaza - About hope and hopelessness among Gaza's youth". In Norwegian.
* Recently made video presentation about the everyday situation in Gaza.
* County leader for LO's biggest labor-union Roy Gyberg talks about the labor-union's engagement
* Staffan Granér and Torstein Dahle talk about the basic ideas behind Ship to Gaza and Estelle's journey, and about the plans of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition in 2012.

Friday 10. August
1500 Guided tour on «Estelle»
1600  Films about the situation in Gaza are shown on board. 
Saturday 11. August «Estelle» continues her journey towards a french port, on her way to Gaza.